The Eckhart Teachings Community

At Eckhart Teachings, we are always looking for new ways to help people connect—to each other and to a more peaceful life. Two of these ways are through local groups and through our online community. For more information on groups in your area, please click this link. If none currently exists within your neighborhood, you can find out what is involved in starting one!

Our online community is a peer-based group that connects through the Internet via membership in Eckhart Tolle TV. Currently individuals from more than 130 countries are engaged in lively dialogues on a growing number of topics. Some say that being a part of this forum has helped them to recognize that we are all connected and has helped them transition from an egoic state of living to a more peaceful and present state of being.

As of February 23, 2019 there are 306,490 unique messages - 3 from the past 24 hours

How Do I Join?

To fully participate in the online community, you must first be a member of Eckhart Tolle TV. Not only will you have this peer group to share with, but you will also view a new 2.5 - 3 hour talk by Eckhart Tolle each month, participate in live online meditations and guided practices by Kim Eng, Q&A with both Kim and Eckhart, and more.